Agriculture and crops

Agronomic characterisation of cultivated varieties

Vegetative growth, productivity, handling-related variability, etc.), mainly focused on characterising the resilience of varieties to factors associated with climate change (drought, high temperatures, lack of nutrients). Impact on basic fruit-quality features.

Ecosystem services monitoring

Assessment via environmental indicators: C-fixation capacity, soil fertility maintenance, water holding capacity, taxonomic and functional diversity measurements, etc.

Assessment of the state of soil microbiota in agricultural systems

Abundance and diversity measurements of symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms present in the soil.

Comprehensive management of pests and disease vectors in animal and plant/forest health.

Consultancy services are provided on integrated agricultural and forestry pest control systems, as well as on disease vector control (e.g. mosquitoes and ticks). The advisory services include the identification of pests using morphological and molecular methods and the selection of the most appropriate control methods based on environmental, economic and social conditions.

Advisory service and development of technology and regulations related to the agri-food sector.

  • Advice and cooperation in the development of technology linked to the agri-food and biotechnology sector.
  • Advice and development of regulations related to the agri-food and biotechnology sector.
  • Other R&D&I services under the scope of INAGEA’s lines of research and activity.