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About Us

INAGEA is a UIB research institute located in the Balearic Islands that focuses on agro-environmental and water economics. INAGEA’s central mission is to generate knowledge and enhance research in this area, incorporating knowledge from different disciplines including plant physiology, agronomy, hydrology, chemistry and ecology, in order to ensure human activity linked to the primary sector and the environment is more sustainable

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Our Research

INAGEA is a multidisciplinary research institute. Its areas of research centre around sustainability in primary production and efficient management for natural systems in a context of global change. The centre develops solutions with a comprehensive approach, with teams working on water basins and agroecosystems to plant molecular and physiological bases in response to abiotic and biotic stress.

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What We Offer

True to its mission to contribute to society and in addition to generating new knowledge, INAGEA offers training and outreach activities, and provides scientific and technical services to the academic community and industry across different areas. Its services include instrumental analysis, molecular biology, plant biotechnology, and crop and ecosystem management advice and plans.

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Associated research groups and laboratories